Virtual Field Day WEEK!

Mr. Bailey has put together a super fun virtual Field Day WEEK! June 7th – 13th, 2020

Check out the details on his teacher page.

Below are “Field Day” activities that can be done easily in the home and backyard. Take a picture of you and your family doing these activities and email them to Mr. Bailey and/or post them to our Facebook Page or Group. Use #sunnysideroadrunners

Field Day Week Activities

Have fun with these 6 Field Day WEEK activities and don’t forget to take pictures.

  1. Flying Shoes
  2. Move on Wheels
  3. Electric Fence
  4. Javelin Throw
  5. Tower Construction
  6. Yoga Freeze Dance


More Activities

Here are 9 more fun activities that can be done at home. Go to Mr. Bailey’s teacher webpage for instructions.

  1. Three Legged Race
  2. Water Balloon Bowling
  3. Broomstick Limbo
  4. Trash Bag Race
  5. Dizzy Bat Race
  6. Create a Tower
  7. Egg Spoon Race
  8. Paper Ball Basketball
  9. Cup Knock Down Challenge 

Have fun doing the Field Day activities from home with your families!