Free Tutoring and Peer-Support

Connect Oregon Students If you're looking for some extra tutoring support, check out this program, started by high school students. Mission Founded by South Salem High School students - Luke Clifton, Esha Puri, and Pranav Ramesh - ConnectOregonStudents has a goal of supplying educational support to all students across Oregon during the COVID-19 pandemic.    … Continue reading Free Tutoring and Peer-Support

Scheduled Time for Picking Up Belongings

Schools are preparing to reunite students with their belongings. The purpose of this message is to communicate plans for North Clackamas students to collect their remaining materials from each of the schools and drop off any school-issued textbooks, music instruments, athletic gear, or library books. This does not include Chromebooks. Each school has scheduled days and … Continue reading Scheduled Time for Picking Up Belongings