Take Home Science Kits

We are doing a Take Home Science Night.  Pick up your Take Home Science Kits at supply pick up on March 8 or March 10, 2021 6:30-9:30am or 4pm-6pm.

The science kits have the materials for 7 fun experiments you can do at home as a family. We hope you enjoy doing these experiments. We encourage you to take photos and share them on the PTA Facebook group or upload them to our yearbook.

We have given some basic explanations and some videos below. If you are seeking more information, all of these experiments can easily be found on the internet.

#1 Image Flip

#2 Double Your Money

#3 Blow up a Balloon

#4 Put out a Candle

#5 Stop a leak without plugging it

More details about this experiment.

#6 How to Bend Water

#7 Water Tight Rope