Scheduled Time for Picking Up Belongings

Schools are preparing to reunite students with their belongings. The purpose of this message is to communicate plans for North Clackamas students to collect their remaining materials from each of the schools and drop off any school-issued textbooks, music instruments, athletic gear, or library books. This does not include Chromebooks.

Each school has scheduled days and times for families to pick up their student’s belongings and drop off school district property. The process is different for elementary schools (and some secondary schools impacted by bond construction) than it is for middle and high schools.

Process for Elementary Schools:

Staff will be bagging and labeling students’ belongings for their safe return. Personal belongings will be returned using curbside service in your vehicle. In the interest of social distancing, students and parents will not be allowed to enter the school buildings. Families will be asked to leave their vehicles only when directed during pickup/drop off. Please follow signs when arriving at the school site.

Pick Up Schedule:

New Elementary Revised pickup of students’ personal items and drop off of school items

After piloting at a few North Clackamas elementary schools the decision has been made to adjust the schedule for pickup and drop off in June. After observing the process, the district’s new revised schedule provides safe and efficient procedures for this to occur within a four-day window. Here is the newly revised schedule:

All Elementary Schools: (Except for Happy Valley Elementary, Milwaukie Elementary/El Puente Elementary and Oregon Trail Elementary)

Pickup dates will be established and split up by alphabet:

June 1 – Student Last names A – G – 9 – 11am & 4 – 6pm

June 2 – Student Last names H – N – 9 – 11am & 4 – 6pm

June 3 – Student Last names O – T – 9 – 11am & 4 – 6pm

June 4 – Student Last names U – Z – 9 – 11am & 4 – 6pm & anyone still in need to pick up