Spirit Days

  • Monday: DANCE DAY-dance when the music plays then get back to whatever you were doing
  • Tuesday: READ MY SHIRT DAY-wear a shirt with APPROPRIATE words to school
  • Wednesday: COLLEGE/CAREER DAY-wear something from your future college OR career
  • Thursday: POTATO PARADE-bring your dressed up potato

*A Sunnyside shirt is always an alternative option to any of the spirit days.

Potato Parade

POTATO PARADE-Students are challenged to use a potato and turn it into a favorite book character. Be as creative as you can to disguise the potato.  You could use paint, paper, fabric, ribbons, or anything you can think of to imitate a great book character.  Check out these websites for more ideas:

Dress Potatoes Like Characters World Book Day Potato Photos Potato People Book Characters

Potato Parade photos

Here are some ideas to get your thinking started. 

Bring your disguised potato character on Thursday March 7th, 2024.

Check out these websites for more ideas: