Read Across America 2021

Monday: CRAZY HAIR DAY-find a silly way to do your hair

Tuesday: READ MY SHIRT DAY-wear a shirt with APPROPRIATE words to school.  

Wednesday: SPORTS DAY-wear your favorite sports team gear or your own uniform

Thursday: COLOR WAR DAY-wear your grade’s color

Kindy: yellow  1st: green  2nd: blue  3rd: purple  4th: red  5th: orange

Friday: SUNNYSIDE COLORS DAY-wear blue & white or a Sunnyside T-shirt

Potato Parade

POTATO PARADE-Students are challenged to use a potato and turn it into a favorite book character. Be as creative as you can to disguise the potato.  You could use paint, paper, fabric, ribbons, or anything you can think of to imitate a great book character.  Check out these websites for more ideas:

Dress Potatoes Like Characters World Book Day Potato Photos Potato People Book Characters

Here are some ideas to get your thinking started. 

Send a photo of your disguised potato character to your child’s  teacher by the end of the day, March 5th!

Check out these websites for more ideas:

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