Kindness Weekly Activities

Kids for Peace, who bring us the Great Kindness Challenge, have fun activities on their website. They update it weekly. Some examples of activities are below. See their website for more!

Undercover Smiles Facemask Project

Let’s Stay Safe and Spread Some Smiles!

Now that covering our faces is widely recommended, we invite you to make a facemask for yourself or your family members and put a smile on it! This is an easy and fun way to stay safe (following latest CDC’s COVID-19 recommendations) and add a little dose of happy for all to see. Even though your actual smile will be covered up for safety, we can still spread joy with our #UndercoverSmiles!

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Keep Positive & Fill Up Your Someday SoonJar!

Inspired by Katie Eborall, a mom from the United Kingdom who started a bucket list jar to help kids dream of their post-COVID-19 adventures, we are launching a Someday Soon Jar project!

We love the idea of giving kids a positive way to stay hopeful. And we love giving adults a happy way to turn frustration into anticipation!  

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Peaceful Pen Pal Friends In 41 States! 

Will you please help us find friends in all 50 states?

Nearly 600 youth from 41 states are making new friends! Imagine the pure joy and excitement of receiving a letter, learning about a new friend and celebrating what we have in common. Through this good ol’ fashioned letter writing, new bonds of friendships are being formed and a deeper sense of connection and understanding that we are all in this together is emerging.

Parents or legal guardians may sign their child up to take part in our Peaceful Pen Pal project. We will joyfully match each child with one other child of a similar age.

Will you please help us find new Peaceful Pen Pal friends in the following states? Thank you :).

MontanaSouth DakotaWyoming

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Happy Heart Hunt – Love Is Going Viral!

We are so excited to see how our Happy Heart Hunt has made thenews and has a Facebook group with more than 200K members! We LOVE seeing the LOVE go viral! 

We invite you to join our Happy Heart Hunt! It’s simple! Just make a heart from any object and attach it to a street-facing window to send your love out to the world. Encourage all your friends to do the same. Then, in a few days, take a family walk (keeping 6 feet distance from others!) to search for other hearts on houses. How fun it is to watch the love grow!

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