To earn a prize bag, students need to complete one side of the Kindness BINGO card. Some of the boxes on the BINGO card will require the student to be a registered participant on Raise Craze.

Rock’n Recess with a Twist!

If the school reaches 1500 acts of kindness, the whole school earns a Rock’n Recess with a Twist! Keep logging the acts of kindness and filling up the Kindness Tree.

Kindness Raffle

The tickets for the Kindness Raffle can be earned in a couple of ways.

  • Any student registered on Raise Craze gets a raffle ticket.
  • Each completed row on the BINGO card earns a raffle ticket. Earn up to 10 tickets.
  • Any donation earns a raffle ticket.
  • A donation of $20 or more earns an additional raffle ticket.

All students should turn in their BINGO cards (completed or not) by Friday February 25, 2022 for prizes and raffle tickets.

Raffle tickets will be handed out on Monday February 28, 2022. Turn in the raffle tickets on March 1, 2022. Prize winners will be announced on Friday March 4th.