Khan Academy – Schedule for school closures

Khan Academy has posted schedule templates for kids who are out of school. This includes Preschool – 12th grade. Click the link below for the full list.

Schedule for School Closures

This is a trying time for everyone. As a mission-focused non-profit, it is Khan Academy’s duty to do our part to ensure students keep learning amidst the school closures. We also want to support teachers and parents to the best of our ability as we navigate this crisis together.

Preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade

8am – 9amBreakfast/Get ready (Yes. Change out of PJs)
9am – 9:30amKhan Academy Kids (ideally doing it while sitting next to a parent or older sibling giving them positive feedback for effort). Khan Academy kids starts at the basics of letters, numbers, and social emotional learning and goes through the first grade standards in math, reading, writing and social emotional learning.For students with stronger literacy and motor skills:Khan Academy  Kindergarten1st grade and  2nd grade math can be appropriate. Ideally a parent or older sibling sits next to them while doing this. One practice that we’ve seen teachers use to great effect is to have all students start on Kindergarten and then move to 1st grade2nd grade, etc. This helps ensure that older students are progressing with accumulating gaps. It also helps build momentum and confidence.Course challenges and unit tests can be used to accelerate through material. For students with minimal gaps, they should be able to get through a previous year’s content in 1-3 hours.
9:30am – 10amPlay. Ideally outside if weather permits.
10am – 10:30 amReading time. Ideally this would be time to read next to a parent or sibling. If students are ready, they can read on their own.Suggested books  (by reading level):There are 100+ books that students can read or have read to them on Khan Academy KidsThe ALSC summer reading list is also a great resource
11am – 11:30amBreak. Ideally run around and play outside.
11:30am – 12pmWriting practiceWrite and illustrate a story about someone having a funny adventure when they stay home sick.Draw a picture of what you think a virus looks like. Tell about the different parts and how you think they work.
12pm – 1pmLunch – Listen to an educational podcast! Try Wow in the World! If you like science, Stories Podcastor Circle Round to hear a story, or Noodle Loaf to learn about music!
1pm-7pmRelax, go outside, work on passions, time with family.
7-8pmLights out, time to sleep!

Grades 3 – 5

8am – 9amBreakfast/Get ready for an awesome day! And yes, change out of PJs 🙂
9am – 9:40amAssuming you’ve gotten a good night of sleep, your thinking will be sharpest in the morning so let’s start the day strong with some math! Whoo hoo!Khan Academy math practice has got your back. Depending on your confidence and grade level, one of the following courses are likely good for you:2nd grade math3rd grade math4th grade math5th grade mathOne practice that we’ve seen teachers and students use to great effect is to start, regardless of age, on Kindergarten and then move to 1st grade2nd grade, etc.Course challenges and unit tests can be used to accelerate through material. If you don’t have too many gaps, you should be able to get through a previous year’s content in 1-3 hours. If you do have gaps, it may take a bit longer, but that is good!  This is your chance to fill in those gaps that might otherwise hold you back in the future.You’ll see that if you are able to put in at least a solid 30 minutes a day of math practice and keep leveling up skills, you’ll see big gains and, most importantly, really see the world in new and exciting ways!One you are at your grade level, try to set a goal of leveling up at least 3 skills a week.
9:40am – 10amPlay. Ideally play outside. Get that heart pumping.
10am – 10:30 amWe just released the first version of reading comprehension practice on Khan Academy. It is grouped by grade level:2nd grade3rd grade4th grade5th grade6th grade7th grade8th gradeWe recommend starting at your grade level and doing 1-2 practice sets per day (or 10 practice sets per week). This should take about 10-20 minutes per day.  If you find it difficult, completely okay to start at an earlier grade level. Likewise, if you find the passages and questions to be easy, feel free to move to higher grade levels.
10:30am – 11amSilent reading. Curl up with a favorite book or magazine. Here is a great list of titles that you might want to get your hands on:
11am – 11:20amBreak/walk/play. Try to get that heart pumping again!
11:20am – 11:40amKhan Academy Grammar: starting by taking the course challenge a few times to figure out what you know and don’t know.
11:40 am – 12pmJournaling/writing. Things to write about/prompts:Write a funny or exciting adventure story about what happens when school is closed.What are you excited or worried about?Write a letter to yourself 10 years in the future. What do you want to tell your future self?How do you think the world will be different after the novel corona virus?
12pm – 1pmLunch –  Listen to an educational podcast! Try Brains On! If you like science, Forever Agoif you like history, orStory Pirates to hear funny stories written by kids.
1pm-2pmEnrichment: Khan Academy computer programmingProgramming computers is far more fun and creative than you probably ever imagined. Start by creating fun cartoons and animations and work your way up to creating fun games that your friend can play.
2pm-8pmRelax, go outside, work on passions, time with family.
8-9pmLights out, time to sleep!