Jog-A-Thon Schedule

If you’d like to cheer on your Roadrunner, check out the schedule below for the times by grade.
We will also be selling T-shirts and super hero wrist bands.  Become a PTA Member to receive a discount on T-shirts.

You can volunteer to help at the event by going to this link and entering in your email address.

  • 8:50am-9:30am 5th Grade
    • 8:50am-8:55am Warm-Up
    • 8:55am-9:20am Run on Track
    • 9:20am-9:30am Jamba Juice
  • 9:40am-10:20am 4th Grade
    • 9:40am-9:45am Warm-Up
    • 9:45am-10:10am Run on Track
    • 10:10am-10:20am Jamba Juice
  • 10:30am-11:10am 2nd Grade
    • 10:30am-10:35am Warm-Up
    • 10:35am-11:00am Run on Track
    • 11:00am-11:10am Jamba Juice
  • 11:30am-12:05pm Kindergarten
    • 11:30am-11:35am Warm-Up
    • 11:35am-11:55am Run on Track
    • 11:55am-12:05pm Jamba Juice
  • 12:15pm-12:55pm 1st Grade
    • 12:15pm-12:20pm Warm-Up
    • 12:20pm-12:45pm Run on Track
    • 12:45pm-12:55pm Jamba Juice
  • 1:05pm-1:45pm 3rd Grade
    • 1:05pm-1:10pm Warm-Up
    • 1:10pm-1:35pm Run on Track
    • 1:35pm-1:45pm Jamba Juice