Monday, February 28th through Monday, March 14th.

The 4th-grade classes have been studying how food insecurity impacts children all over the world, and want to help our local community!

4th Grade will be hosting a Canned Food Drive to support the Wichita Center and North Clackamas Families. Cans will be collected at school from Monday, February 28th through Monday, March 14th.

What to Donate

*Non-expired food items that are needed by the Wichita Center:
-Corn/flour tortillas
-Individual fruit cups/apple sauce
-Canned food items
-Boxed pantry items

**Please do not send glass items to school.

Need Boxes

*We will also be boxing up all of these food items, so any flattened boxes that you’d be willing to donate would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for supporting our North Clackamas Community!


Contact any one of the 4th grade teachers:
-Mrs. Praska:
-Mrs. Beaumont:
-Mr. Souers:
-Ms. Goldsmith: