Boundary Announcement

Dear North Clackamas Community:

On June 28, the North Clackamas School Board approved boundary changes in the current Clackamas attendance area to balance the enrollment for the opening of Beatrice Morrow Cannady Elementary School in September 2019 and the new high school in September 2021. These changes will be implemented in two phases as outlined in the following timeline:

September 2019: All students, grades K-5, who live within the new boundaries for Beatrice Morrow Cannady Elementary will transition to this elementary school.

September 2021: All students, grades K-12* whose address indicates a newly assigned school other than Cannady Elementary will transition to new schools.

September 2021: All students, grades K-12* who are attending a school in the current Clackamas feeder pattern via an Interdistrict Transfer or on Open Enrollment will transition to their current (2017-18) school’s new feeder pattern. All families on Interdistrict Transfer or Open Enrollment will receive individual letters with detailed information on placement within the next 10 days.

Intradistrict Transfers will be re-evaluated during the 2020-21 school year to determine the capacity impacts on schools as a result of the boundary changes in the Clackamas feeder pattern.

*A full analysis will be conducted in the Fall of 2018 to determine if grade 12 students will move from Clackamas High School to the new high school for the 2021-22 school year.

To find out if these changes affect your child, please see the Find My School App on our website Enter your home address in the app to see if your child’s elementary, middle or high school have been reassigned in either 2019 or 2021 according to the above timeline.

Please note that the only changes happening in 2019 are for those students who will be assigned to Beatrice Morrow Cannady Elementary. Students who are assigned to this new school will receive additional communication soon.

If you are not able to access the website, please call (503)353-6000 and someone will assist you.


Cindy Detchon
Executive Director, Community Relations

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