2018-2019 Year End Recap

2019 Highlights

Before we all head into summer break, here is a brief summary of the year’s highlights:

The remodel of our school began last summer and was completed over spring break, culminating in an official ribbon cutting ceremony on April 19th, 2019.

October’s Jog-a-thon brought in an impressive $26,000! Thank you to all of our fast runners, and their friends and families for the generous donations.

“Show Your Inner Superhero” was the theme of this school year’s
Yearbook Art Contest, and 76 talented students submitted their artwork. Fifth grader Reiya Hin’s original design was ultimately selected for the cover by our school community.

Our Spring Family Carnival was a huge success, bringing in a total of $4,484.47 ($980 more than the projected goal)! From the popular Kona ice machine, to the fun photo booth, it was fantastic to see so many families enjoying the carnival atmosphere.

The Box Tops drives this year raised $659.40 this year, a portion of which will go toward next year’s budget.

We want to thank you all again for the wonderful year and the treasured memories made! Have a safe summer, and we’ll see you on August 29th for Back to School Night!

Thank You

As we prepare to wrap up another year at Sunnyside Elementary, we would like to give recognition and thanks to all of our teachers, staff, parent volunteers, and PTA members. It truly takes a village, and we couldn’t have achieved so many goals without your help.


For next year we are planning some fun events. Stay connected by checking our website or following our Facebook Page.

Incoming 2019-2020 PTA Board

Thank you to our outgoing board members, Yvonne Schroeder and Bree Anna Brewer. We appreciate all of your great work!
Incoming Board Members are:
President: Michelle Jernigan
Vice President: Lily Cordaro
Treasurer: Carly Brown
Co-Secretaries: Sarah Schwartzkoph & Bridget Edge